Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

COP 21 Climate Change and schools and Tobin Disaster Fund

Will COP21 focus on the effects of Climate Change in poorer nations? Over 70% of the world’s natural disasters such as floods for example are in Asia. The UN still hasn’t created a Tobin Disaster Fund to be drawn upon each year for instant emergency response. The only issue then would be whether or not a government pays back into that fund. Why should governments or the public have to scrabble around for donations for every typhoon or earthquake? Especially when many of these disasters occur each year in much the same places. Along with ensuring girls can go to school- how can anyone go to school with both more storms and droughts? With 30% of food wasted, there is no basis for malnutrition or even lack of school dinners in any nation. And with the Digital World ever more important even with lightning storms or even solar flares a fully-connected world is possible before 2030. Facebook confirmed that only 15% of internet access problems were due to technical issues eg extra transmitters or satellites. And simply due to the cost of mobile phone usage contractsor wifi. Building schools across Asia, Africa and Latin America please note our URL has changed from the .org version so please update your address book and web browser